Cover Reveal –  $30.00

We love to host cover reveals! Your event will include an invitation to bloggers to participate, creation of the media kit: cover, blurb, author bio, social media links and giveaway code (if appropriate). We also cross promote all of our events on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Excerpt Reveal – $30.00

Looking to attract readers and create buzz? Why not give them a little taste of your upcoming release with an Excerpt Reveal.

Release Day Event / Pre Release Blitz / Book Blitz – One Day – $50.00 / Three Day – $75.00

The same personalized attention that we provide for our blog tours is what you can expect for a Release / Book Blitz. We will recruit blogs to participate, create your media kit, giveaway, banner graphics, and promote your event on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Read and Review – $30.00

We will create a signup form via google forms for your release and send out to our list of bloggers. The link will be provided to author, as well as posted on our websites and social media platforms. We require that ARC readers be given a minimum of 10 days to read and review. On release day all readers who have signed up will be sent a review tracker form, in order to provide the author with a list of reviews for each ARC sent out. Any ARC reader who fails to supply a link within 7 days of receiving the reviewtracker will no longer be eligible to receive ARC’s from this Author. Three infractions from a reader for any given author will mean revocation of their eligibility to sign up for read and reviews.

Sales Blitz – $25.00

Do you have a book sale coming up? Would you like to spread the word far and wide? We will recruit blogs to participate, create your media kit, giveaway(optional),  ONE sales graphic, and promote your event on all our social media sites. Our Sale Blitz do NOT include reviews. If you would like to include reviews please contact us.

Teaser Tuesday/Thursday –  3 day – $20.00 / 4 Days- $30.00

Looking to create more buzz for your upcoming release? Why not give them a little taste with a  teaser of your upcoming release every Tuesday or Thursday leading up to release day. We are also able to provide suggestions if there is a need for teaser graphics to be created upon request. The 4 Day option includes the original 3 day but on the fourth day we create a package that we send out to our Master Blogger list. It includes all the previous teasers and the cover, along with a post made for blogs and social media, to gain you maximum exposure just prior to release day. All teasers are shared on our Social Media accounts.

Blog Tour – 5 Day $75.00 / 10 Day $125.00

We provide a comprehensive blog tour packages. From recruiting blogs to participate, to managing tour dates and sending out reminders we take care of every step along the way.

Release Boost- 3 Day $50.00 / 5 Day $75.00

Have you already released your book, but hoping to gain more exposure after the release? Maybe a Release Boost is right for you. In a Release Boost we create a package which includes HTMl, Plain Text and Social Media posts easy for Bloggers to share. We offer 3 days or 5 days depending on your needs. A Release Boost can also be substituted in a All Inclusive Package and would be scheduled 2 weeks after Release Day.

Our media kits include everything the blogger needs to create a complete post (blog participation rules, review guidelines, master schedule, excerpts, social media links, giveaway codes, blurb, author bio, and buy links, etc). We will also distribute your ARC as well as create a Pre-made HTML post for easy cut and pasting.

All tour stops are cross promoted on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We encourage all authors to follow along with the tour, comment on all posts and cross promote on your author page.

All Inclusive Package – Cover Reveal, Release Day Event with Read & Reviews. 4 Teaser Dates, and either a  5 day Blog tour or 5 day Release Boost $150.00

**Purchase TWO OR MORE promotional events and receive a 10% discount**


If you would like use our services, please fill out the form link below. Someone will be in contact with you shortly to discuss you upcoming services with Mad as a Hatter!